Sunday, 8 October 2017

Time to head home and a job for Zoe

Sadly today was the end of all the fun and time to head back home. We started off meeting everyone from the band for breakfast and had a long chat about the weekend and what the future might hold.

Yesterday the sad news was announced that there would be no Witchfest International 2018 due to COA making a big loss this year. They do hope to be able to get back in action for 2019 though. I am pretty sure a number of fundraisers will pop up to help them out over the next few months.

Toni and I then headed to the station to get our train back. Trains to London Bridge were running a bus service to we opted for the Victoria one instead. Our journey was going well until we got to East Croydon where they then announced that it was terminating there. We then jumped in a cab to get home rather than have the hassle of changing trains and fighting our way back.

It was nice to get home and relax with a cup of tea. Dinner was provided courtesy of Rannah. Later that evening Toni and I drove over to Brockley to pick up Zoe who was doing a trial shift at a pizza restaurant there. The good news was that she got the job and starts her training tomorrow! Well done Zoe!

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