Friday, 20 October 2017

SEP (blue skies), no more stress and a TV catch up

Woke up this morning feeling far from refreshed and inspired. Headed into work not wanting to go to work as my little problem loomed nearer and nearer once again. The morning was spent trying to get some form of grasp on things. Just after lunch, and three rounds of debugging later there was at least a clue. A small one, but a clue nonetheless. This made me feel far less stressed. Even better was that I now got to hand the problem over to someone else to look at. This might be a temporary thing and it could all be back on me again come Monday but at least I have the weekend to enjoy and NOT worry about this issue.  SEP! Someone Else's Problem LMFAO. Blue skies ahead for a while :)

The remainder of the afternoon was then much more fun with me able to get on with some other post migration tasks and feel like I was achieving things once again. This was such a lovely feeling!

I left for home just feeling tired and drained with the stressed and depressed thankfully being left at the office. What a difference that made!

Rannah provided our sustenance for the night and we did a catchup on The Good Place, Star Wars Rebels and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

A much needed sleep was in order.....

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