Tuesday, 10 October 2017

New The Last Jedi trailer and tickets purchased

Well the moment we have been waiting for has finally come, a new The Last Jedi trailer to bridge the gap between now and it's release in December! A new poster was also unveiled:

Someone pointed out that you can see the mask of Vader in the way the poster has been constructed so here's the proof!

Clues for a character reveal, a bit of fun or a red herring? Only time will tell!

So, that's enough about posters, here's what you want, the final trailer for The Last Jedi. Don't watch it if you are worried about spoilers!

This trailer is great, full of emotional stuff and also some cleverly edited pieces that I believe are done in a way to cause some misdirection. Lucasfilm are definitely toying with us on this one!

Tickets went on sale for The Last Jedi this morning! I was up before 7am to make sure I could get ours. We are now all happily booked up for the midnight showing at the Cineworld in Bexleyheath. December 14th can't come quick enough!

Here's the extended trailer just to keep things going!

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